A family tour is the most gratifying and fantastic experience for most parents. A family-friendly fun adventure not only deepens your relationship with your children but also helps them build the tolerance to cope with changes and become more adaptable in their daily lives. 

However, traveling with kids is often expensive. And, all traveling destinations are not always tailored to a family experience—unexpected schedules, large packing lists, and disappointed kids are just a handful of difficulties you may face. 

You can choose Queenstown, also known as the Adventure Capital of the Earth, to have a great time with your kids without having to worry about such issues. There are numerous activities ideal for youngsters in Queenstown, and most establishments offer family rates or even “kids go free” discounts in various periods of the year. 

Queenstown, being a lakeside mountain town, offers four different seasons: long warm summers, magnificent autumn colors, chilly wintertime flanked by snow-capped mountains and clear skies, and springs brimming with fresh life. 

However, this part of New Zealand can cost quite a bit if you don’t make a plan before your trip. Things like lodging, trips, and food may rapidly add up. Fortunately, there are many ways to have fun in Queenstown with kids on a tight budget. 

Thus, in today’s blog, We’ll be sharing some of the fun-filled activities, and iconic locations you can’t miss while you’re touring Queenstown with kids on a budget. 

4 Free Fun Adventures for Kids in Queenstown 

Let’s start with some of the fascinating free activities to do in Queenstown that your kids are certain to enjoy at the least travel cost. 

A Stroll Through the Queenstown Gardens: Enjoy Disc Golf with Your Kids 

Hiking or walking are among the best free activities to do in Queenstown. Not only is it free, but the views are breathtaking. Children are naturally curious, so take them on an easy walk through the Queenstown Gardens to enjoy the fresh air.  

The Queenstown Gardens have ponds, flower gardens, playgrounds, ducks, and even an ice arena, and they are only a brief 5-minute walk from the town’s center. It is a fully free pastime that you may all enjoy without spending a single penny. 

You can also bring the children to the free disc (frisbee) golf course among the massive pine trees to play a game of disc golf. Frisbee golf is popular among kids because anyone who can toss a disc can join.  

Pack a picnic to enjoy either by the lakeside or the ponds in the gardens. While you rest, the children can feed the ducks. Ain’t that perfect! 

Where the Skies Have Kissed the Mountains: A Day Trip to Glenorchy 

The picturesque journey to Glenorchy is one of the top family activities in Queenstown if your children enjoy road trips. There are many amazing locations to stop at along the journey, such as beaches, hiking, and breathtaking lookouts. 

It is a 46-kilometer journey from Queenstown, and it takes only 45 minutes to do it without stopping. You’ll need about three to four hours if you decide to visit every place on your itinerary and perhaps walk one trail. 

Though the journey is free, you will need to pay to hire a car in Queenstown if you don’t already have one. Furthermore, once you get to Glenorchy, there are a ton of wonderful free things to do, such as going to the Glenorchy Walkway! 

Put on the Sunscreen: Relaxing Beaches in Queenstown 

There is nothing better than relaxing on the beach in Queenstown during the summertime. Also, being a family-friendly activity that is entirely free, children enjoy swimming in the chilly Lake Wakatipu. Makes you wonder whether they are cold-resistant! 

Depending on what you’re searching for, there are a few locations to explore that are all near Queenstown. Queenstown Beach is the closest. However, it gets crowded and a little loud, so it’s not the ideal place for youngsters. 

You might go to Sunshine Bay instead. Locals love this tiny, isolated bay, which is considerably more peaceful than Queenstown Beach. The Sunshine Bay Track leads to the beach, or you may drive to the parking area.  

Just a few minutes outside of town, you can find beautiful, refreshing, clean water for swimming and chilling with your kids. 

Moke Lake: An Ideal Introvert’s Escapade 

One of the most serene spots to visit close to Queenstown is Moke Lake. This little, lonely lake is encircled by mountains. They are reflected like a mirror in the lake on a quiet day.  

It’s a lovely spot to explore if you want to get away from the crowds. Also, it’s a bonus if your kids are into photography! There is a cost-efficient DOC camp here, and the swimming is safe—a well-liked location for kayaking, fishing, and boating as well. 

The journey to the lake from Queenstown takes about 20 minutes, and even though it’s a dirt road, it’s safe to travel.  

Many visitors pay to take a kayaking trip here, but once you’re at the lake, you may take advantage of any of the additional free activities available, such as taking in the scenery, taking a quick stroll, or even going fishing.  

If you want to take a hike, Moke Lake’s Moke Lake Loop is the best trek for children. The track is nearly entirely level and only takes about 2 hours to complete. 

3 Most Iconic Places in Queenstown to Grab a Bite with Your Kids 

Any travel guide would be incomplete without the secrets to finding authentic foods to enjoy with your family. Let’s walk you through some of the most iconic places to grab a bite in Queenstown that your kids would love! 

Take Care of Your Child’s Sweet Tooth Cravings: The Remarkable Sweet Shop 

The Remarkable Sweet Shop is every child’s dream come true. The walls are lined with shelves of sweets that reach the ceiling, and they provide free samples of their renowned fudge. Plus, if you wish, you can taste every flavor. 

If you want to surprise the kids but don’t wish to spend a lot of money, try some fudge from The Remarkable Sweet Shop in town. Although every item in the shop is delicious, don’t forget to sample the homemade sweets. There are none like them in New Zealand at all! 

Meet your Meat: Have A Fergburger 

Your kids gotta be hungry after all the exploring. You can take your kids to Fergburger—the most popular burger joint in Queenstown, New Zealand. 

Why are Fergburgers so famous? These burgers are rather large! They are your typical burger, stuffed to the gills with toppings, just like an authentic New Zealand barbecue.  

The beef has a natural flavor and hasn’t been heavily processed. It has the same comforting feeling as homemade food done superbly. 

  • Pro tip: There are lengthy queues at this location. Long lines of people wait to place orders. Therefore, the best advice for parents is to look into the menu online, order over the phone, then bypass the line and inquire as to whether your pickup is ready. 

If your kids don’t mind sharing, then a burger at Ferg may be had for as cheap as $14 NZD for two servings. There are more than 20 burgers on the extensive menu, including a vegan version.  

Just take your burgers and go to the lake’s edge for a satisfying dinner! 

Patagonia Chocolates: A Kid’s Delicious Dream 

You can’t ignore Patagonia Chocolates on the Queenstown waterfront if your kids enjoy smooth hot chocolate or delightful gelato. If you visit Queenstown in the winter, in addition to the incredible chocolates created here, you must try the handmade hot cocoa. It is poured from a pot and kept warm all day. You can also find some unique flavors, like chili hot cocoa. 

Imagine you’re strolling along with a belly full of chocolatey delicacies while it is still freezing outside with snow covering the mountains! Patagonia is top-notch even if you don’t let your kids drink this kind of thing very often. 

3 Premium Kids Attraction in Queenstown 

We’ve tackled where to stroll and what to eat. Now, let’s dive into some of the activities tailored for your kids to have a great time in Queenstown. 

Have A Ride in The Skyline Luge (All Ages) 

If you’ve never been to Queenstown before, you really must ride the Skyline Gondola. The experience is more about the breathtaking vista from the summit than it is about a fancy gondola racing up a mountainside. 

A luge is a really enjoyable, downhill cart-style ride. The Skyline Luge has gained popularity all around the world and has become a must-do experience in Queenstown.  

Take on almost 800 meters of banked turns, tunnels, and dippers on the luge courses for an exhilarating, gravity-driven downhill ride. You decide whether the path is easy and pleasant or challenging.  

Children under the age of 6 and 110 cm in height may ride together with an adult, while older kids may ride alone. 

Go Ziplining in Queenstown: Zip Trek Eco Tours (From 6 Years Old) 

Family outings like ziplining are so much fun. All the excitement and adrenaline in a perfectly secure setting. In addition, they provide fun educational activities for studying nature and Maori history. 

To ride, children must be at least 6 years old, and if they are younger than 15, they need to ride with adults. The ziplining, however, does not include the cost of the gondola ride to get there as the Zip Trek Eco Tours begin close to the top of the gondola. 

Go Karting in Queenstown (From 8 Years Old) 

Last but not the least, your kids will love it if you take them go-karting at 14 Red Oaks Drive, Frankton, in Queenstown. The 290-meter track, one of the greatest in the nation, features a bridge, a tunnel lighted by LEDs, difficult curves, and long straightaways.  

Children as young as 8 can enjoy the karts because they can all be adjusted to a variety of predetermined speeds to suit customers of all skill levels. 

You’ll find it open 7 days a week from 10 am to 7 pm. 

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