Are you looking for hassle-free way to explore the world? One of the most popular choices in New Zealand is House of Travel. This travel agency offers a wide range of options for travelers looking to experience top global destinations without the time-consuming tasks that often come with travel planning. In this post, we’ll explore how their services can help make your dream trip a reality. We’ll also cover the potential downsides of using a travel agency. Let’s go!

What is House of Travel?

House of Travel is New Zealand’s leading travel agency, offering an extensive selection of trips to some of the world’s top destinations. The company strives to make online booking and purchases easy, including the following categories:

  • Flights
  • Holiday packages like ski holidays and all-inclusive
  • Cruises
  • Tours
  • Travel insurance

House of Travel wants customers to be able to find the best prices for the best experiences, without having to do the job of comparing manually. Thanks to their dedicated customer service, offers, and travel opportunities, it’s easy to see why House of Travel has become the go-to choice for many people looking for an enjoyable, and worry-free journey.

Face-to-face meetings with experts

One of the unique perks is that you can book a face-to-face video appointment, to receive expert advice when you plan and book your holiday from home.

Useful House of Travel app

The House of Travel app is another useful tool, offering maps, a currency converter, a countdown timer to your departure, a secure locker for travel documents, and much more.

Booking flights with House of Travel

What are the benefits of booking flights using House of Travel? One of the major perks is they can provide some of the lowest prices on airfare. The company has access to exclusive deals and discounts, which makes it easier to find bargains without having to spend hours searching for them. Plus, you’ll be able to book flights with multiple airlines at once instead of separately, saving time and money.

You can choose between return, one-way and domestic multi-city when you search for flights. You fill in where you wish to depart, and where you want to travel, as well as the departure and arrival dates. House of Travel also lets you select number of passengers, children, and infants, as well as your desired travel class like Economy or Business. You can read more about how to make your work-related trip smooth in our blog post “The best tips for making business travel smart” here.

Finding traveling deals – On sale with House of Travel

On the website, you will find an option in the menu called “On sale”. By navigating here, you can find a summary of the best packages right now. Here, you can find different holiday packages such as cruises, flights + hotel, ski holidays, and all-inclusive. You can sort by the different regions of the world, for example: Australia, Pacific Islands, Europe, and North America.

Are there any downsides?

One of the potential downsides of using a travel agency such as House of Travel when booking flights and trips is that they can, sometimes, end up more expensive than booking directly with airlines, hotels, and other companies. Additionally, since these are third-party services, you may have limited access to customer service should something go wrong after you have made your bookings. Furthermore, some of the discounts and offers may not always be the best option for your specific needs.

Is House of Travel recommended?

House of Travel is a highly recommended travel agency for various reasons. From exclusive offers to managing your bookings in the app. House of Travel has all the tools you need to plan your next adventure. Furthermore, their experienced travel agents can help tailor a trip that meets your needs, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on experiences.

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