One of the potentially most stressful kind of adventures are those of work-related trips. Whether they are within the country or internationally headed, the travel and planning are often on tight schedules with little room for flexibility.

Whereas a vacation is all about relaxing, and a late flight won’t do too much damage, a business trip is far more organized. As such, packing and travelling for vocational purposes should be done as conveniently as possible in order to lessen stress, increase productivity, and maximize smooth riding. In this article, we’ve set out to bring you some of the best advice for planning your business trip, including every step from booking your trip to packing and arriving.

Choose a one-in-all business travel company, like Tandem Travel

While on a business trip, being able to drop all concerns regarding transportation and accommodation is crucial in order to redirect all your focus to prepare for meeting customers or preparing for your presentation. Tandem Travel is a New Zealand based travel company working specifically towards business trips.

The company specializes in procuring the very best flight, accommodation, and rental opportunities for business trips both within the country and abroad. Through their partnership with American Express Global Business Travel, Tandem Travel can aid in business trips to 140 countries around the world. By choosing such a company, you can save time from planning and focus on preparing a high-quality business experience.

Packing lightly

A signature aspect of business travel is that there is often less flexibility. By packing lightly and smartly, you minimize the risk of letting your luggage drag you behind schedule. Where possible, minimize the amounts of items you are bringing. For example, invest in refillable travel-size toiletries for sustainable travelling. You can also try to pack clothes that can be used in several variations in order to save time and space.

Organised luggage

While on the road, it is often difficult to maintain an organised luggage throughout the trip. However, there are several strategies you can use to minimize the mess on your business trip. The first trick is to use extra organisers for your luggage. Using plastic bags or extra toiletry bags, separate your brought items into separate storages. For example, all technology in one bag, all underwear in another, etc. This helps you keep some structure, despite some unruly folding.

If your stay is longer than a couple of days, another trick is to similarly pack your daily outfits in a similar manner. By packing and organising your outfits by day, you can more easily keep them organised, as well as save time on picking outfits.

Keeping your outfits sleek

While on a business trip we often bring our more formal attire, which often has a proneness to wrinkling. By ironing your outfits before going, you can minimise some of the luggage damage in case it’s not a one-day trip. Another tip is to invest in a good, high-quality clothes protector. More on-the-go options are to invest in anti-wrinkle spray and a portable steamer.

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